Get to know the start-ups

About the Start-Ups

From over 40 applications, from Italy to Finland, 16 start-ups were selected by our experts and the Advisory Board for the garage DU workshop. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know the start-ups.


Workplace management for the new world of work. Sustainable. Economical. Smart

AVAILY offers companies the use of its digital platform for the management of office workplaces in the company, home office as well as third workplaces and providers of external workplaces or offices, such as coworking spaces, the rental of their offers on the AVAILY platform for a commission in return for licence fees.

Based on a patented technology, BHYO has a novel and economically efficient process for the CO2-neutral conversion of biogenic residues into green hydrogen.

Blue Innovations - Das Start-Up hinter dem Rainmate®:

Rainmate® : ein kostengünstiges Instrument zur passiven Speicherung von Abflusswasser in der Gebäudehülle zur systematischen Reduzierung städtischer Überschwemmungsrisiken und zur passiven Begrünung und Kühlung von Städten.

At decentralised sites, the carbonauts produce CO2-negative biocarbons, base-load renewable energy and high-quality bioplatform chemicals from woody biomass residues. The biocarbons and bioplatform chemicals are refined into NET Materials ® (Negative Emission Technology), which replace fossil materials and agrochemicals. The base-load renewable energy (heat, electricity, hydrogen) is sold to third parties at low prices.

Based on colloidal iron oxide particles and other nanoparticles, ColFerroX offers economical and sustainable solutions for groundwater and soil remediation as well as wastewater treatment.

Gapcharge brings smart, wireless charging stations with charging management systems to the cities of tomorrow to make a sustainable contribution.

"With our Hydroplace platform, we enable the decentralised green hydrogen market as the basis for the sustainable energy supply of the future. In doing so, we bring the producers and consumers of hydrogen together via our platform and organise the logistics via partners."

City-wide mapping of climate-related factors such as green infrastructure (parks, trees, forest, meadows, etc.), heat distribution
and surface types using satellite data to identify risk areas and then provide analysis for further insight and decision-making.

"Okeanos offers digital solutions for water management. In doing so, we enable the increase of climate resilience of our customers via innovative sensor and data evaluation solutions together with strong cooperation partners such as Endress+Hauser. Floodlight is an all-in-one flood protection solution for monitoring hydrological area response in previously unmonitored micro-watersheds."

With our intelligent parking solutions, we want to make a sustainable contribution to improving the climate - along with greater citizen satisfaction - and make Duisburg smarter and cleaner.

Every year, €173 billion worth of drinking water is lost in water utilities' pipe networks due to leaks and pipe bursts.
PipePredict offers predictive maintenance for pipe networks (district heating, water, ...) by analysing existing sensor data with a digital twin and machine learning algorithms. As a result, leaks are found early and precisely and pipe bursts are prevented.

Through our microwave-assisted process for the economic production of green methanol from industrial CO2 waste gases, we help companies to avoid harmful climate emissions from waste gases using green hydrogen, reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere by scaling our solution and make a significant contribution to combating climate change.

With our simulation-based, holistic approach, we reduce the complexity of renewable technologies - which is greatly increasing due to the growing diversity of technologies, complex interdependencies & external factors - and create much-needed transparency regarding economic and environmental impacts.

With our self-developed sensor data platform, we digitise urban spaces and collect relevant data, such as parking data or the emergence of wild dumps (e.g. unauthorised bulky waste). The combination of both use cases in one system, taking data protection into account, is unique and guarantees a positive ROI not only monetarily, but also in terms of sustainability and urban cleanliness.

"vGreens has developed an innovative vertical farming system solution that for the first time allows one to produce fruit - at unprecedented quality - all year round, i.e. climatically and seasonally independent, sustainably and decentrally, i.e. in urban areas. In doing so, vGreens operates as a licensor, on the one hand enabling the licensees to design and build a highly automated fruit production facility, and on the other hand supporting the ongoing operation by, among other things, supplying the necessary inputs (such as a proprietary nutrient solution or specific genotypes)."

Viimatech offers a comprehensive, affordable and simple solution for a complete pump fleet, saving 30% to 50% of energy and maintenance costs. The solution is based on measuring motor phase current with optimised IoT field devices and unique digital twin prediction algorithms. Easy installation and reliable connectivity is proven with +100 installations in Finland (in 2021-22).