About the startups

From over 100 applications from all over the world, our partners selected the most promising start-ups and invited them to the pitch event in Duisburg. In the morning, the start-ups got to know Duisburg. During a subsequent two-hour boat tour through the port of Duisburg, start-ups and the companies' experts had the opportunity to get to know each other personally and hold in-depth project discussions. At the pitch event in the evening, the start-ups presented themselves to the audience and partners.

It's a Match! Our partner companies started the project implementation with seven start-ups. The grand finale will take place at the Demo Night on 26.10. in the Landschaftspark Nord.



The digital tools from 2zero support companies in building a systematic sustainability culture and actively integrating employees or customers into their own sustainability processes. With the help of challenges, the carbon footprint can be reduced and the set sustainability goals can be achieved together.

Made by our partner GEBAG


Concular's all-inclusive package offers initial and continuous inventorying, consulting and annual reporting, as well as active optimization of resource consumption and emissions over the entire life cycle of your real estate.

Made by our partner GEBAG

Our solution enables an inventory in 2 seconds per room, which helps to enable, simplify and accelerate refurbishment planning. Energy and CO2 can be saved massively through energetic renovations. Thanks to the very fast registration, the disturbance of the users of the buildings is reduced to a minimum. The recording is also very simple and can be carried out either by the customers themselves or by us. All relevant data (geometry, heating, radiators, doors, windows, roof areas, ...) are collected in order to document the actual state of the buildings in the form of e.g. 3D CAD models, floor plans, room books or quantity structures.

Made by our partner DVV

RideBee provides a mobility platform for a trusted and secure way to share mobility for the daily commute to a common destination like the workplace. Both the native apps and the browser solution allow individuals to initially find each other to share and jointly organize rides and long-term mobility habits, and to share and pay for the associated costs. The whole thing is communicated in joint projects with employers and rolled out attractively with exciting incentives.

Made by our partner duisport

Industrial climbers, scaffolds, risers and cranes are very expensive. With drones, we deliver higher quality inspection results at a fraction of the cost. With autonomous robotic inspections, we have a solution that relieves employees and protects them from potentially dangerous areas, while at the same time increasing documentation quality. In addition, we counteract demographic change by automating redundant tasks.

Made by our partner DVV

Artificial intelligence that solves your business problem. Created in a few mouse clicks.

Without AI knowledge. Without programming knowledge. Without an expensive data scientist. Turn data into valuable insights within minutes.

Made by our partner WBD

We digitize and optimize waste disposal processes for a sustainable circular economy. We use sensors and telematics to make containers and vehicles smart, provide apps for employees, and optimize collection processes, for example with dynamic route planning.

Made by our partner WBD