We match startups and companies

About the garage DU

Start-ups need orders. Companies need innovations. garage DU brings both together. And for this, your services, products, and business models for climate protection and the circular economy are in demand. garage DU brings innovative start-ups, scale-ups and grow-ups together with Duisburg companies and supports them in the implementation of concrete projects.

In addition to potential contracts and a lot of attention for your start-up, the winners of garage DU will receive prizes of up to €50,000.

Four advantages for applicants

Access to the decision makers

The matched start-ups are put in direct contact with the relevant decision-makers in our companies. Together with all relevant experts, they start implementing a joint project.

Prize money

At the finale of garage DU - the Demo Night - the best project implementations will be awarded and receive non-cash prizes of up to €50,000.


Start-ups and corporates speak different languages. That's why experienced coaches accompany the projects of start-ups and corporates to support you in the implementation.


At our events you are guaranteed the attention of TV, radio, social media and hundreds of companies, investors and decision-makers.

This is the procedure


Start of the application period

You have until 16 April to submit your application. Let's keep it simple: fill out our short online form and off you go. It pays to be quick: After a quick check, we will forward your application to the experts who can contact you for initial interviews if you are interested.

16. April 2023

Application deadline

The start-ups that will be on stage at the pitch event on 24 May will now be selected from all the applications. We will be in touch with you at the end of April to the beginning of May.

24. Mai 2023

Let's Pitch: The Pitch Event

The pitch event is all about you! Here you will get to know the companies and the experts personally. There will be plenty of time for conversations and the opportunity to introduce yourself as a start-up personality. Afterwards, your pitch and the matching with the companies will take place.

May until October 2023

Making a Fit out of the Match

It's a Match! You have a match with one of our companies? Congratulations! Now it's time to turn your match into a fit.  

Within a very short time, you'll be talking to the relevant decision-makers and experts from our companies. Together we will define goals, budget and milestones to bring your solution to the company. Coaches and project managers support you all the way.

26. Oktober 2023

garage DU Demo Night

The Demo Night is the highlight of garage DU. Here you can present yourself to a large audience of entrepreneurs, decision-makers and media representatives. At the awards, you can then present the results of your cooperation with the companies to a top-class jury before the prizes are awarded.

What we expect from you


Before your application:

  • You are a start-up, scale-up or grow-up and already have a recognisable presence on the market with your product/service.
  • You have the opportunity to take part in our Pitch Event on 24 May and the Demo Night on 26 October in Duisburg.
  • You exude start-up spirit, are keen on innovation and want to implement projects together with Duisburg companies.



Before the Pitch-Event

  • Don't be shy on stage: At the pitch event, you will present your start-up on stage in front of our experts and the audience.
  • Participation on site: You have the chance to introduce yourself to a large audience and make business contacts. For this, we need you on stage.



Before the Demo Night

  • At your own stand at the Demo Night, you can talk to representatives of Duisburg's business community, politics and city society.
  • Afterwards, you will pitch your project results from the previous months on the big stage in front of a jury and a large audience.