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The partners of garage DU

The garage DU partners are also the matching partners for the start-ups. They provide subject matter experts and budget to integrate innovative ideas from the start-up world into everyday business.





We want to rethink business and make Duisburg a strong business location. Hand in hand with the city, we focus on the (inter)national marketing of Duisburg as a business location. In doing so, we lead the way in economic development and convince others of Duisburg's value as a business location with a promising future. The focus of our work, ideas, matching platforms and projects is the creation of new qualified jobs in Duisburg. [

Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH (DVV) is a multi-service group in the areas of supply, mobility, IT services and services. The Group includes around 30 companies such as Stadtwerke Duisburg, Netze Duisburg, Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft, octeo Multiservices and DCC Duisburg CítyCom. With more than 4,350 employees, the DVV Group is one of the major employers in Duisburg and plays a key role in providing an efficient infrastructure in this major city with a population of around 500,000.

Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg is one of the most important municipal companies in the city of Duisburg. One major field of activity is waste disposal and city cleaning. But we are also responsible for urban drainage, the planning and maintenance of municipal playgrounds, the upkeep of green spaces, parks and botanical gardens, and the operation of cemeteries and the crematorium. But we are also responsible for maintaining the city's infrastructure, flood protection and watercourse maintenance and development.

We regard5G as a key technology for real-time communication in the municipal Internet of Things. We are already moving into the Internet of Things(IoT) today, where we are testing autonomous sweepers and various sensor technologies, e.g., in waste garbage cans or for detecting queues at the recycling center. For example, we see potential in 5G real-time data transmission for digital twins of critical infrastructures or for collecting environmental data. Climate extremes such as heat waves and floods are also increasing in Duisburg. As a contribution to urban climate resilience, we therefore emphasize water-sensitive urban development, e.g., through the use of tree rigs with sensor technology or the exploration of innovative ways to sustainably manage water as a resource - for example, by founding the Duisburg Rain Agency to promote land unsealing. We are also already using sweepers, waste collection vehicles and cars with electric and hydrogen drives on the city of Duisburg's path to greater environmental neutrality. We have set ourselves the goal of making our fleet locally emission-free by 2030.

GEBAG was founded in 1872 as Duisburger Gemeinnützige Baugesellschaft AG and is today one of the oldest housing companies in Germany. Almost 200 employees look after a portfolio of over 12,500 apartments, a good 170 commercial properties and over 3,400 garages and parking spaces and do their best every day to move Duisburg forward. GEBAG offers a home to more than 35,000 Duisburg residents.

With around 1,000 employees and 20 staffed locations, we are by far the largest provider of financial services in our Duisburg and Kamp-Lintfort business region. As a committed and innovative bank, we are good for everyone: for our customers, our employees and our region.


Duisburger Hafen AG (duisport) is the ownership and management company of the Port of Duisburg,

the largest inland port in the world. The duisport Group offers full service packages for the port and logistics location in the areas of infra- and suprastructure including settlement management. In addition, the subsidiaries provide logistics services such as the establishment and optimization of transport and logistics chains, rail freight services, facility management, contract and packaging logistics.

The supporters of the garage DU

The city of Duisburg is a service provider for approximately 500,000 citizens. Duisburg is the main center of the Lower Rhine region, but is also part of the Ruhr region and the Rhine railroad. Duisburg is on its way to becoming a SmartCity. Structural change has helped Duisburg mature into the largest logistics location in Europe. Digitization is changing the face of the city positively and sustainably. An exciting process for which we are looking for innovative people who can actively help shape the change.

Together we achieve more!

With this motto and the cooperative idea behind it, we, our 309 employees, 21 trainees, and our approximately 75 thousand customers stand today as Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr with total assets of around 2.17 billion euros as a large cooperative bank in the Ruhr region. True to the basic cooperative idea, Volksbank Rhein-Ruhr supports people from the region and promotes projects in the region with around 500 thousand euros annually through donations and sponsorships. In our 15 branches - distributed in Duisburg, Oberhausen, Mülheim and Ratingen-Lintorf - we want to be a social and democratic bank for our members, customers and employees according to the guiding principles of this idea with self-help, self-responsibility and self-administration.

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As an innovation hub, startport promotes regional startups and companies in the logistics industry. Startport informs about current industry and technology trends, strengthens the exchange of the local logistics industry and networks with startups worldwide. Startport offers an innovative place for co-working, meetings & events in Duisburg's Inner Harbor. In its incubator program, startport connects young logistics startups with mentors, experts, potential customers and investors such as business angels & VC funds. For logisticians, startport's global startup network provides exclusive access to the most innovative startups worldwide, top speakers from companies and research, as well as workshops & lectures on logistics trends.